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General Information

The prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse and alcohol and drug dependence in our community is growing at an alarming rate, especially in the adolescent and young adult population. Narcotic dependence, in particular, has taken epidemic proportions in South Orange County and is indiscriminately destroying individuals and families of all social backgrounds. Unlike alcohol, which erodes and destroys liver and bodily functioning over time, killing the drinker slowly, narcotics are capable of causing death with only one dose. Furthermore, individuals who have been using opiates (Vicodin, Norco, Oxycodone, heroin), benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium) or alcohol on a daily basis CANNOT stop suddenly as they will develop severe, debilitating withdrawal symptoms. These include physical symptoms such as palpitations, tremor, sweating, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and even convulsions or seizures. Abrupt cessation also invokes marked psychological withdrawal symptoms including, but not limited to anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, hallucinations or delirium with potentially dangerous consequences. These physiologic reactions constitute a major dilemma and obstacle for all drug dependent individuals contemplating quitting.

Another barrier for drug dependent patients and their families is the shortage of medical treatment centers capable of providing real time solutions. Detox Solutions, a subsidiary of Naficy Medical Group, is a leading medical provider for drug and alcohol detox in Southern Orange County. We cater to individuals seeking treatment independently and we also serve drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and their clients in San Juan Capistrano and neighboring cities.

About Our Center

Detox Solutions is a subsidiary of Naficy Medical Group. Our office is located in the historical city of San Juan Capistrano where we have been providing treatment for drug and alcohol dependence since 2007. This city happens to lie at the center of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation world in Orange County as patients from across the nation travel here for treatment at the many reputable centers found locally and in neighboring Dana Point and San Clemente.

Our medical staff is trained and licensed to prescribe Suboxone and Subutex, medications used for detoxification (detox) treatment of opiate withdrawal syndrome. We also have ample experience treating and formulating protocols for benzodiazepine (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium) and alcohol withdrawal syndromes. Equally importantly, we provide comprehensive medical care to the patient entering recovery. These patients almost always suffer from considerable anxiety and insomnia; they often have, rightly or wrongly, psychiatric diagnoses which must be carefully re-examined. There are often other medical problems or concerns afflicting this patient population. Our clinicians simultaneously address matters such as abscess and skin infections in IV drug users, liver disease in drinkers and transmissible diseases in drug users who share needles. Health maintenance matters like vaccinations or preventive gynecologic care are also provided. For those interested in digging deeper into the root of their addictive behavior, consultation with Dr. Naficy, who is a leading expert in mobilization of the unconscious and dynamic psychotherapy, is available once sobriety has been attained.

Affiliation With Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Detox Solutions has developed an affiliation with a number of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation facilities across Southern Orange County. These centers provide inpatient care to drug or alcohol dependent patients from across the United States. Many of these patients are daily substance abusers who will develop withdrawal symptoms soon upon arrival. Our staff at Detox Solutions provides the medical and logistical underpinnings for these independent rehab centers to receive and treat these patients who often arrive with little notice.

We have a close collaboration with the personnel at each treatment facility in order to preempt and mitigate the complexities related to acute drug withdrawal syndromes. Our clinical staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the whole year allowing for rapid assessment of all new patients. Medical management is instituted immediately for those patients deemed at risk for developing withdrawal symptoms. All other medical and psychiatric needs are addressed, as well.

This seamless and comprehensive medical care facilitates the transition of the sick, dependent patient into the main task of confronting and contending with his or her addiction. It also eases the burden on the rehab facility personnel as most urgent medical or psychiatric issues are easily handled, avoiding potentially costly and time consuming trips to Emergency Departments.

We are affiliated with over 15 Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities in South Orange County.

Detoxification Treatment

At times drug or alcohol dependent individuals chose to go through the process of getting sober in the comfort and confines of their own home. They typically have supportive families and because of past experience many are confident they can quit using drugs or drinking if given the right medical support. Working in close collaboration with the patient who is determined to change his or her life, our clinical staff at Detox Solutions is trained to medically manage and mitigate the eventuality of drug withdrawal. We have expertise in the treatment and management of acute drug withdrawal and are licensed to prescribe Suboxone/Subutex for heroin/opiate detoxing. We also formulate treatment protocols for alcohol and other drug dependencies.

To detox at home involves two visits within one week to our office. A thorough history of the substance use is obtained at the first visit and a treatment plan is then formulated and tailored to the patient’s usage and timeline of use. The plan is then carefully explained to the patient and family. Reassurance is always provided to all involved that the combination of medications, if taken as prescribed, will allow for a smooth and seamless detoxification. A second meeting within a week serves to re-examine how the patient is coping and what adjustments need be made. As a rule, we are focused on minimizing the amount of medications used, as over-prescription of psychotropic and other medications has become a problem, rather than a solution, in the field of addiction medicine. Detox Solutions has become a leader and innovator in providing comprehensive and humane detoxification treatment in Southern Orange County.

Vivitrol Injection

Vivitrol is a medication used for cravings of narcotic and alcohol dependence once the patient has gone through the process of detox. It is administered by intramuscular injection and lasts for one month. Patients typically use this medication long term. For patients interested in using this medication, our office prescribes, procures the dispensing with the pharmacy and insurance company and ultimately administers the injection.

About Dr. Naficy

Dr. Naficy is a Board Certified Family Physician with twenty-five-years of clinical experience. He has been licensed to prescribe Suboxone since 2007 and has treated hundreds of drug dependent patients throughout the years. His family medicine background was helpful in establishing his minimalist approach to prescribing medications for patients struggling with drug dependence. Unfortunately, he witnessed too many patients who had been unnecessarily prescribed controlled medications and he encountered too many patients who were overmedicated in the name of treating drug dependence. From the onset of his involvement in this field he sought to undo those trends.

Dr. Naficy also happens to be one of only a handful of physicians in the state of California with expertise in mobilization of the unconscious and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherpy (ISTDP). He has extensive training and research with Dr. H. Davanloo, the world renowned pioneer of the technique at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. This knowledge of the metapsychology of the unconscious has proven invaluable in understanding and treating substance abuse and dependence.

At the heart of all addictions, drug and otherwise, is unconscious anxiety and unconscious guilt, which is the dynamic force that drives self-destructive behavior. These emotional forces are difficult to access and not easily available to examine for most. Dr. Naficy’s intricate knowledge of the unconscious and ability to shine light on this fundamental area of the patient’s suffering and to guide the willing and determined patient to experience what was heretofore repressed represents a quantum leap in the treatment of substance abuse.