Our Mission

Treating All Aspects of Patients’ Needs

Our goal is to provide excellent service to all of our customers. Whether it is as your primary medicine doctor, for cosmetic medicine services or for behavioral medicine, we aim to give you the full attention and compassionate care that you deserve. At Naficy Medical Group our well trained staff will treat not just your symptoms but you as a whole person. We look forward to getting to know you so that we can contribute to your overall well being.

Message from Dr. Naficy

Early on in my career as a physician it became painfully clear that a great number of medical and health problems I encountered had an emotional or behavioral component that was undeniable. The fact that the traditional biomedical model of healthcare did not address this connection was one of the forces that motivated me to forge a new paradigm in the delivery of medical care for my patients.

Since establishing my private practice in November 2003, my goal has been to shift the balance of the patient-doctor interaction away from the traditional organ-system-focused and medication-based model, which essentially neglects any data which is not physical. My practice philosophy is designed to focus on the individual as a whole, which often requires assessment and examination of the patient’s emotional and behavioral organization. As a multitude of “medical” conditions are in great measure related to unconscious emotions, facilitating the addressing, uncovering and experiencing of these feelings by patients leads to a greater understanding of the individual’s health (or disease) status and empowers him or her to assume an active role in his or her well-being, rather than managing every problem with a medication.